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Custom Tailored Boat Detailing

Every boat has a unique condition and detailing history. Through a personalized assessment, we tailor our packages based on your boat’s specific condition to restore and maintain a flawless surface for years to come. Our certified boat detailing technicians are just a phone call away from creating the perfect boat detailing package tailored from the following elements to keep your investment in perfect shape.

Step 1: Wash

We use only the most advanced boat washing tools, products and cutting-edge techniques to wash and decontaminate your watercraft.

  • Decontamination pre-wash on all boat surfaces.
  • Scum Line Pretreat and Removal
  • Contact Wash with Scratch-Free Lambs Wool Brush and pH Neutral Gelcoat Boat Wash. Hull, Bow, Stern, Transom and other surfaces washed.
  • Spot Free Deionized (DI) Water Rinse
  • All Windows Cleaned and Treated for Water Spots.
  • Boat trailer degreased, foam washed and hand waxed for maximum protection and shine.
  • Boat Trailer Tires treated for blooming and oxidation and shined.
  • Boat Trailer Wheels polished and protected.
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Step 2: Gelcoat Restoration -Wet Sanding, Compounding, Polishing

Our team of gelcoat restoration experts can guide you through our arsenal of techniques available to achieve and maintain the perfect boat surface.

Based on the condition of your gelcoat, we tailor a combination of techniques to remove water spots, gelcoat oxidation, fading, scum lines, and scratches.

We begin any restoration process by masking off rubber seals and fixtures and disassembling certain exterior elements to maximize restoration effectiveness without risking any damage to any part of the boat.

Our available processes include:

  • Marine Gelcoat Wet Sanding
  • Heavy Cut Compounding
  • Medium Cut Compounding
  • Nano Polishing

Upon completing this step, your boat is left with a flawless surface that is fully prepped to receive protection through waxing or ceramic coating.

Step 3: Gelcoat Protection -Professional Boat Ceramic Coating and Wax

Now that your boat’s surface has been restored to it’s prime condition and prepped for protection, it’s time to choose between a traditional wax or a Professional Grade Marine Ceramic Coating with Industry Leading Warranty.

You can choose to protect your boat with a variety of options that meet your budget and standard of quality including:

  • Professional Boat Ceramic Coating – 5 Year Warranty
  • Premium Flagship Hand-Applied Marine Wax – 3 to 6 month lifespan
  • Spray On Marine Wax – 1 to 3 month lifespan

A traditional wax allows for a beautiful shine and temporary protection between boat detailing washes. Although a cheap and effective option, waxing is limited by a short life span and frequent reapplication to ensure your surface is not prone to oxidation and water damage.

On the other hand, Ceramic Coating allows for a near permanent solution to keeping your boat in it’s prime condition. Ceramic Coating is the single best protection method that can be applied to any vehicle surface. Ceramic Coating Nano-Polymers fill in the microscopic pores and scratches on marine gelcoat, marine paint, and polished metal, stainless steel, and brass. This allows your boat’s surface to become hydrophobic and super smooth. Contaminants such as dirt, salt, and fish blood can be rinsed right off with no hassle.

Benefits of Boat Ceramic Coating

  • Dramatically reduces maintenance – no waxing is required and cleaning is a breeze.
  • Creates a diamond-hard coating that resists scratches and repels stains from acid rain, bird droppings, mud, dirt, salt, and other natural marine contaminants.
  • Reflects UV rays, providing long-term protection from sun damage and oxidation.
  • Restores color and gloss up to 35% more than traditional wax.
  • Perfect for winter protection and storage – prevents ice and snow adhesion, repels salt, and reflects UV rays while in storage.
  • Improved aerodynamics for any coated surface.
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Step 4: Interior Boat Detailing

Your boat’s interior is the heart of your maritime experience. A soiled interior takes away from the thrill of being on the open water for your next adventure. Our team is equipped to handle any boat interior detailing job from a basic wipe down to the most severe boat interior detailing jobs.

Our marine and boat interior detailing processes include:

  • Interior Vinyl Deep Cleaning, Conditioning, and UV Protectant Applied
  • Non-skid deep cleaning and protection
  • Full Interior Blowout to loosen hard-to-reach debris and contaminants
  • Thorough Vacuuming of all surfaces and compartments
  • Helm/Instrument Cluster Deep Cleaning and Protection
  • Carpets, Vinyl, Rubber, and Flooring Deep Cleaning and Stains Removed.
  • Interior Marine Ceramic Coating Applied for Maximum Protection and Self-Cleaning Properties

Denver mobile detailing did a great job washing and waxing my Lexus. It looks brand new again. The leather has never looked cleaner. Highly recommend!

Carly B.