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RV Detailing Packages

rv ceramic coating

Professional RV Ceramic Coating

The highest caliber treatment in Professional RV Detailing.

Whether you have purchased a new RV or you wish to restore and protect your rig to it’s former glory, our Ceramic Coating process ensures your gelcoat or paint will look and feel better-than-new for years to come. Through a personalized assessment, we tailor a custom package for your specific rig to offer you the best value for your investment. Our technicians are certified to prep your rig’s surface and skillfully apply our pro-grade coatings backed by a warranty for your peace of mind. Ceramic Coating Nano-technology Polymers fill in the microscopic pores and scratches on RV gelcoat and RV paint. This allows your RV’s surface to become hydrophobic and super smooth. Contaminants such as dirt, salt, bird droppings, bugs, and hard water spots can be treated and removed with no hassle. Every ceramic coating application comes with a free membership to our discounted wash program in which we maintain your coating on a quarterly, biannually, or annual basis for the best prices in town!

RV Ceramic Coating Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces maintenance – no waxing is required and cleaning is a breeze
  • Creates a diamond-hard coating that resists scratches and repels stains from acid rain, bird droppings, mud, dirt, and other road contaminants.
  • Reflects UV rays, providing long-term protection from sun damage and oxidation.
  • Restores color and gloss up to 35% more than traditional wax.
  • Perfect for winter protection and storage – prevents ice and snow adhesion, repels salt, and reflects UV rays while in storage.
  • Improved aerodynamics for any coated surface.

RV Polish and Sealant

This annual package is offered for Full Body Paint, Class A, Class B, Class C and Super C Motorhomes. Every Surface of your RV is thoroughly cleaned and protected from Roof to Basement including awning arms, sides and tops of slide-outs. Comprehensive detailing services include:

  • Machine Polish Minor Scratches, Defects, Swirl Marks and Hard Water Spot Removal 
  • Wax Sealant Applied for Maximum Shine and Long Term Protection
  • Roof Scrubbed with Premium Cleaner and Coated with RV Roof Conditioner and UV Protectant
    • Safe on all RV roofs: rubber, vinyl, PVC, TPO, and fiberglass.
  • Heavy Bug Removal from face of RV including Mirrors, Diamond Shield, Windshield, and front-facing portion of awning.
  • Foam Wash with pH Neutral Premium RV Shampoo and Lambs Wool Brush.
  • Spot Free Deionized (DI) Water Rinse
  • RV Slide Out Seals Cleaned and Revitalizing Conditioner Applied
  • All Windows Cleaned, Polished and Protected
  • Wheel decontamination and polish.
  • Tires Treated for Blooming/Oxidation and Shined
rv detailing
RV Buff and Wax Near Me

RV Detailing Wash and Wax

Just a good old fashioned wash and wax for your rig. Available for all RV types.

  • Decontamination pre-wash on all surfaces.
  • Roof Scrubbed with Premium Cleaner and Coated with RV Roof Conditioner and UV Protectant.
    • Safe on all RV roofs: rubber, vinyl, PVC, TPO, and fiberglass.
  • Heavy Bug Removal from face of RV including Mirrors, Diamond Shield, Windshield, and More.
  • Contact Wash with pH Neutral Premium RV Shampoo and Scratch-free Lambs Wool Brush.
  • Spray-on Premium Flagship Wax Applied
  • Spot Free Deionized (DI) Water Rinse
  • All Windows Cleaned and Protected
  • Wheel decontamination and polish
  • Tires Treated for Blooming/Oxidation and Shined

RV Restoration and Protection Packages

Oxidation Removal gelcoat restoration camper buffing denver

RV Oxidation Removal – Restore the Shine to your Faded Gel Coat

Has your RV lost it’s color and shine? Are you seeing chalk-like residue all over your beloved camper? Then your seasoned rig might just have oxidation. This is a natural chemical process between mother nature and your camper’s synthetic resin skin, known as the gel coat. The good news is we can fix it!

Our intensive gelcoat restoration process carefully cuts away a fine layer of the oxidized gelcoat from the surface of your RV to reveal a fresh shiny surface. We then finish the surface with a polish and your choice of ceramic coating or premium wax to maintain a better-than-new shine for years to come.

Our RV Detailing and RV Ceramic Coating experts can travel to your location for a free test patch anywhere in Denver and surrounding cities to help you make the best decision for your camper.

Certified RV Ceramic Coating Professionals

As licensed Glidecoat Professionals, our skilled technicians are highly trained in assessment, preparation and application of top-of-the-line Pro grade ceramic coating to RVs, Boats, and Automobiles of any variety. Our certification allows us to offer warranty on any RV ceramic coating application backed by our supplier for your peace of mind. We offer a free, no obligation in person assessment for your RV, Boat, or Automobile and develop an exact process tailored to your needs.

glidecoat ceramic coating rv boat ceramic coating

Acrylic Roof Coating – EPDM/PVC Roof

If your camper is more than five years old, your roof has likely been exposed to years of harmful UV rays, rain, hail, snow and blowing debris. These harsh elements cause discoloration and stains on your roof membrane. Replacing an EPDM/PVC roof can be labor intensive and very expensive. Our acrylic roof coating process not only conceals stains and discoloration, but also forms an elastic and flexible protective barrier for superior resistance to harsh weather and UV rays. By opting for an acrylic roof coating application, you can extend the life of your camper’s roof membrane by an additional ten years!

rv acrylic roof coating

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