Professional Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

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The Professional Ceramic Coating Process

1. Decontamination Wash

Every vehicle regardless of age and storage conditions will have some level of contamination that will hinder ceramic coating from properly bonding to the various surfaces. Our decontamination wash combines the most advanced vehicle washing techniques to safely remove dirt, dust, road grime, tar, insects, bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental pollutants to reveal the true condition of the vehicle surface.

2. Assessment

We carefully inspect the condition of the paint and every surface to be coated for damage, swirl marks and scratches in our brightly lit detailing bay to provide you with a personalized paint correction plan. Even brand new vehicles often require some form of paint correction. Damage often occurs between transit and delivery, and even from improper washing techniques at the dealership. We take the time to find every little defect and correct the surface to ensure a pristine finish before coating.

3. Paint Correction and Enhancement

Based on the results of our assessment, we tailor a paint enhancement plan to achieve the desired results. We can employ a one step, two step or three step paint correction process to give your paint the best possible condition before sealing it.

4. Coating Application and Curing

Our certified technicians carefully apply ceramic coating by hand ensuring an even application with no defects or contaminants. The coating is then left to cure in our temperature-controlled facility for 24 hours before being exposed to the elements.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

The highest caliber treatment for protecting your prized vehicle

  • Protection Against Environmental Elements
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Enhanced Aesthetics with a Better Than New Shine
  • UV Resistance
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Longevity of Coating
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Carfax Registration to Boost Resale Value
  • Winter Road Salt Protection
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The Permanent Wax Alternative

Never Wax Your Vehicle Again

  • All applications come with a manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
  • Full paint decontamination iron remover wash and clay bar to prep paint for correction.
  • One, two or three step paint correction available to remove swirl marks, scratches, water spot etching, and other defects from painted surfaces.
  • Wheels decontaminated and polished to prepare for wheel ceramic coating. Choice of wheel faces or full wheel with barrel available for ceramic coating.
  • Windows and Glass polished to remove contaminants and prepare for glass ceramic coating.
  • Plastics decontaminated and prepped for faded plastic rejuvenating ceramic coating
  • State of the art industry-leading life time warranty ceramic coating applied to all paint, glass, plastic, and metal surfaces.

Ceramic Maintenance Wash – Aftercare

Maintain your ceramic coating and retain your warranty through periodic maintenance washes. Ceramic top coat applied to boost existing coating and extend longevity.

  • Exterior Degrease and Bug Removal
  • Clay Bar to Remove Embedded Contaminants from Paint
  • Iron Remover Applied to Strip Residual Sealants and Previous Wax Applications
  • Foam Pressure Wash using pH Neutral Auto Shampoo 
  • Spot Free Rinse with deionized (DI) water
  • Windows Washed and Protected
  • Door Jambs Cleaned
  • Wheels Decontaminated from Brake Dust and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Tires Treated for Blooming and Oxidation. Shined with Non-sling tire shine
  • Ceramic coating top coat applied
  • Exterior Plastic Trim Conditioned/Restored
  • Fender Liners Degreased and Washed
  • Engine Bay Deep Clean Add-On Available
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